About LMCC

Founded  as a planned recreational community in New Jersey's Sussex County, Lake Mohawk Country Club continues to be one of New Jersey's premier providers of year-round lake community living. Our 2,500-acre Lake Mohawk reservation is home to 2,700 families and comprises three well-maintained lakes, natural woodlands, and a historic castle-like clubhouse and boardwalk. The Reservation also encompasses 12 beaches, docks, playgrounds, walking trails, parking lots and 25 miles of private roads that require annual maintenance and repair. The Club has an annual operating and capital budget exceeding $3 million, supported primarily by members' common-area maintenance charges.


The Club operates a seasonal lakeside food & beverage operation, known as the Boardwalk Club, as a service to its members; it also manages a banquet and catering business that is open to the general public, and its net income serves a source of revenue for the Club.


A General Manager professionally manages Lake Mohawk Country Club and reports to the Board of Trustees. The General Manager is supported with a staff of 16-40 full and part-time winter employees and approximately 100 seasonal employees who support the Boardwalk Club, the banquet and catering business, and beach and boating safety. The Club Management is assisted by outside professionals who support the financial, legal, engineering, and aquatic management issues.


The Club's nine-member Board of Trustees is headed the Club President who conducts regular Board and committee meetings. The Board is supported by numerous committees that are composed of Board Members and Club volunteers. An annual meeting is held each year in October to conduct business and to elect Trustees and Club officers.